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Wireless Battery Stage Par Light 6X12W 6in1 RGBWA UV Stage Light

Technical Parameters

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● RGBWA/UV 6in1 LEDs,mixing 1670 million colors,Independent amber and purple control

● Long-life lithium-ion battery powered(discharge /charge 500 times)

● Input voltage (battery charging current 4A):100~240 VA,50/60Hz

● Optical system: dimmer:0-100%  Optical System: Dimmer: 0-100%

● Strobe: 0-20Hz  

● Optics: 25+-(5)degree

● Battery Capacity: 10400mAh

● Battery run time: 5.5 hrs at full RGBAUV on,10-12 hours in autonomous mode

● Battery charging cycle: 4-4.5 hrs

● Control Protocol: DMX512 via wireless/ DMX512

●  Intelligent charging management system design, improve lithium battery performance and extend service life, with automatic charge and discharge switching function

● Master and slave can be controlled online via dmx cable or 2.4G wireless

● Mobile app WiFi control mode,support Android 2.3 up versions,iOS 4.3and up versions(This feature is available for WiFi motherboards)

● Mobile APP name:LEDWiFi    language:The software automatically recognizes Chinese or English according to the system.

● Static color selection (6 colors, dimming value 0-255) + strobe function (speed adjustable 0-20)

● Macro color:16 colors selectable

● Auto color jump function (speed adjustable 1-20)

● Color gradient function (speed adjustable 1-20)

● Color fade function (speed adjustable 1-20)

● With red background strobe, with green background strobe, with blue background strobe, with yellow background strobe (speed adjustable 0-20)

● 2.4Gwireless electric switch,on and off by menu 2.4G wireless power, Whether the wireless module is enabled or disabled by the icon in the upper left corner of the interface, the wireless transceiver frequency can be selected through the menu

●   White balance setting, appropriate adjustment of the brightness of the 6 colors (also the effect of fine-tuning current), the value is (127-255)

●  The battery icon in the upper right corner of the interface can be turned on or off by setting. If the product have no battery, it can be set be off.

● Screen saver setting: can be set to normally open or automatically turn off the display backlight after 5,10 or 15 seconds

●  Infrared remote control function setting: can be turned on or off through menu settings

● LED output power can be select (high 60W ,middle 42W,low 35W)

It can be set to start emergency lighting mode when the mains is powered off.


the batterry cells has MSDS,CE ROHS certifications

HD TV video without flicker
Constant current driver
Working temperature monitoring
Overheating protection
Natural cooling, no fan and no noise